Thursday, October 04, 2007

‘Yenaku oru girl friend veno’ (I want a girl friend)

The quoted words are from a very popular song from the Tamil movie Boys, which translates into “I want a girl friend”. Recently I was browsing online & I came across a classifieds website where there were categories called ‘Girl friend wanted’ and ‘Boy friend wanted’. I found it pretty strange for I didn’t know one could get oneself a boyfriend or a girlfriend by posting a classified & that too on a nondescript website. Out of curiosity I clicked on the ‘Boy friend wanted’ link.

What I found inside was even stranger. I was expecting posts by girls who wanted boy friends but what I found were postings made by guys saying they wanted a simple/cute/pretty girl for friendship. That was indeed quite strange because the link outside was ‘Boy friend wanted’. So to cross verify I clicked on the ‘Girl friend wanted’ link. No surprises here. All posts there were of guys looking for girl friends.

This incident was something to me. Yeah this is the day & age of organized dating, online dating & what not. But guys getting so desperate that they advertise not only on ‘girl friend wanted’ but also on ‘boy friend wanted’. Also there were hardly any posts from girls in the ‘boy friend wanted’ category. So does that mean boys want girl friends & girls don’t want boy friends? No probably not. Girls probably want guys to approach them. I suppose that is how it is right? So if girls want guys to approach them, then why do guys find it so difficult to approach girls, get a conversation going, build it into friendship then courtship & finally marriage? Such are the ways of this world. Incomprehensible!

But nice idea that. Put it up on the classifieds website & sit back thinking that somebody will call. May be I’ll try it here. I want a girl friend too…and now I am waiting…. J Guess the similarity between the classified website & my blog? It’s very easy. There are hardly any visitors!!! But what the heck…I want a girl friend too…

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