Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paper less – The future

Recently I walked up to the front door on hearing the door bell. A courier guy handed over the Credit Card statement letter to me. But just before doing so he put in front of me a mobile type instrument he was holding. I ignored that & took the credit card statement instead thinking that he had in confusion put the instrument forward. But after I took the letter he again gave me the instrument & a stylus & said sign. I was surprised. Generally all these courier people take a couple of signatures on a sheet of paper, but this person was asking me to sign into a mobile type instrument. I went ahead & signed on the wide screen with the stylus. I thought the signature didn’t come the way it normally does. But the signature got registered none the less. The person then said thanks & left. I do remember asking him though “What is this” when he thrust the mobile type instrument.

This was a first time experience for me. I mean I remember signing on something similar for my driving license. As I signed on it, I could see the signature also appearing on the computer monitor. But this was the first time I signed on something that wasn’t paper for having collected by credit card statement letter. I think this is really a great way to cut out paper.

Contrast this with this incident. I had the auditor in office taking a look at previous years financial statements all on Tally of course. In the due course he wanted to take a look at some credit card statements as we had made some credit card purchases. I opened the soft copy of it on my computer. It was obvious that he wasn’t comfortable with the soft copy. He immediately told me that I should take a print out of every month’s statement for the last year. I was aghast. Three sheets per statement multiplied by 12 months of statements. All so that he could put one tick against one entry in red pen. I told him in a clear & nice manner that I wouldn’t be able to do it as it would consume a whole lot of cartridges. He went on to ask about the cartridges we use, how much it costs, how much ml of ink is there in it but eventually gave up.

Being a paper less organization is a dream for me. The fact is we hardly use paper in office. The only place we use it is for Invoices & Employee Letters. This too is something that I would like to cut out if possible, but the recipients prefer hard copies so there is no escaping this in the immediate future. Of course all the other paper we end up with is hard copies of job seekers resumes & bills.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


How do I describe this feeling? It is a mix of a whole lot of emotions. A sense of joy, a feeling of responsibility, a bit of anxiety…. There are also dreams, wishes, hopes from it, for it. I suddenly feel I need to behave grown up. But again do I really have to?

It’s a phase that I am very excited about. To know more. To do more. To be more. To be less. To pause. To stop. To drive. To let drive. To learn. To unlearn. To give. To do. To smile. To make smile. To be there.

Welcome. To a new phase of life. Welcome. To a new friend, Partner & Guide.

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