Monday, June 21, 2010

The Tally Lesson

I had a bit of an adventure wanting to learn how to use the accounting application called Tally. I tried all ways to pick it up. The first thing I did was to get Tally installed in the system. Then I picked up a book that described how to work with Tally. Then I spoke to my cousin who had learnt it to help me out & give me some ideas. I also collected a book from her, which also helped me understand. Despite all these efforts I was not able to put it to use.

Thus began my attempts to learn it from some coaching classes. I finally found one near home. They charged me Rs 1500 for a week long program. I paid up, took a receipt & started the lessons. The course was being taught not by any experienced person but by a young girl, who was definitely younger to me & not having much work experience as such. She just knew the basics of what to do on Tally, how to create a company & how to create ledgers. I knew that already.

I went with the flow though & like a dedicated student did whatever I was told. I finished whatever was asked of me well in advance. And within a few minutes I was told that, that is all there is really to learn in Tally. I was disappointed no doubt. I thought paying up for this learning wasn’t really the idea. The teacher too understood that I knew these things already and was being very empathetic about it. She sat next to me & as softly as she could speak asked me why I had joined the course if I knew this already. I said I thought there is more to it. If I had known that this is all that was to be taught, then I wouldn’t have taken it up.

She reasoned with me & finally understood fully that it was really not needed for me to do the course. She said she would arrange for the money to be reimbursed and asked me take it & leave quietly before the institute owner could find out what had happened. I thought that was a very sweet & understanding gesture on her part, for I don’t know which institute would reimburse the fees taken from a student.

I was only happy to pocket my money once again & thanked my luck for it coming back in. So in that one day, I paid for the Tally course, learnt Tally (things which I already knew) and then got my course fee reimbursed.

I had to wait for some more weeks before our Auditor sat down with me & taught me how to put Tally to use.

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